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Car Mechanics

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  • Course Code: fhg52470
  • Lectures: 08
  • Duration: 02 Hrs
  • Quizzes: 04
  • Skill Level: All
  • Languages: English
  • Students: 1205
  • Assessments: Self
  • Class Days: Mo, We, Fr
During the last 10 years, cars were repositioned in our lives from a luxury thing to have, into a necessity of life.
Recent studies has shown that a car user spends an average of  2 hours a day in his car between going to work and back, in addition to usual day activities.
Using a simple calculation, the above fact means that a car user on average drives his car 14 hrs/ week or 56 hrs/ month or 672 hrs/ Year which is 28 days… Almost a whole month every year…!!!
Shocking numbers by all means… but they are very true and quite close to reality.
Since we all spend all that time in our vehicles, we had to make sure these vehicles are in good running order and are safe to use and operate.
This is why the need of a simple and basic knowledge of car mechanics course has become a need for all car users world wide.
Having said that, we must point out that the this course is not intended for professional car mechanics and by no means will make any ordinary car user a professional car mechanic, but will rather provide an average car user with all necessary mechanical knowledge to better understand his/her vehicle and to better operate it safely and securely and to save a lot of wasted money on unnecessary repairs.

1- Power Terrain Components:
-Engine: How it works – Horse power – Torque – Engine Volume – Number of cylinders.
-Transmission: How it works – Manual transmission – Automatic transmission.
-Drive Shaft – Differential - Wheel assembly 
2- Drive Systems:
-Front wheel drives – Rear wheel drives – All wheel drives – 4x4 wheel drives.
3- Under the Hood:
Battery - Starter – Alternator – Radiator – Belts – Fan – Air condition
4- Before a long trip:
Check list
5- Tips
Duration / Venue / Conditions / tools:
(1)    Seminar will be from 09:00 to 03:00
(2)    Will last for one day with a total of 6 hours
(3)    Will be conducted in client’s premises.
(4)    Will be conducted in Arabic & English language
(5)    Will have a maximum of 15 participants