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Defensive Driving & First-Aid on the Road

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First Part: Defensive Driving
The need for Defensive Driving:

Defensive driving is essential to all organizations in order to maintain maximum safety for its employees and protect company fleet. Total loss or even less severe accidents cost a lot in terms of lives and money in addition to increasing the insurance premium. In today’s competitive markets the “zero accidents” reputation means a lot. Companies that are certified or aim to be certified for the OHSAS 18001 put defensive driving training as one of their first priorities. The defensive driving seminars conducted by Settec should give the participants the basics of defensive driving and will help in reducing the number of accidents.
Second Part: First Aid & CPR
This seminar aims at training people in different places, jobs, activities, age groups, and risk situations to deal with accidents in order to prevent the occurrence of deaths or chronic problems of the injured or affected personnel.
Course Content:
First Part: Defensive Driving
Accidents (real case studies)
All accidents are demonstrated by drawing and videos
General causes of accidents
Accident Prevention & Driving Behaviors
Defensive Driving skills
Multiple choice exam
Pre-trip inspection
Road test:
Depending on the number of passengers allowed per vehicle, a road test is conducted for three or four participants per round. The total round takes two hours in which the participants drive in different conditions and are exposed to different situations. The behind the wheel participants comments on his actions to the instructor and the other participants in the vehicle. The commentary practical driving has proven to be very effective.

Second Part: First Aid & CPR
Ophthalmic (eye) injuries
Simple wounds and injuries
Practical training of the day
Orthopedic injuries
Animal bites
Environmental emergencies

Practical applications
• The language of instruction will be in English / Arabic
• The materials for the trainees will be in English.


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