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Effective Waste Management

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  • Course Code: fhg52470
  • Lectures: 08
  • Duration: 02 Hrs
  • Quizzes: 04
  • Skill Level: All
  • Languages: English
  • Students: 1205
  • Assessments: Self
  • Class Days: Mo, We, Fr
Effective management of wastes and environmental risks is critical for the reduction of costs and prevention of harm to humans. In this course, you will learn how to:
•    Enhance your leadership and management skills 
•    Extend those skills into the domain of environmental and waste issues 
•    Balance the roles of an effective manager and use management systems to control tasks 
•    Use environmental issues to motivate and coach your people for improved efficiency and performance 
•    Delegate the workload effectively and efficiently 
•    Be aware of the principal national and international background issues relating to the environment management in the oil and gas industry.
•    Have formed a considered view on the significance of waste management environmental issues for the industry. 
•    Be aware of the effects of the principal relevant environmental legislation and sustainable development policy affecting the industry and how to interpret changing legislation into practical responses.
•    Have considered the key means by which the industry can begin to enhance performance through environmental efficiency. 
•    Have considered the competitive advantage that might be brought through giving attention to environmental management.
DAY 1 - Sustainable business thinking 
•    How and why do environmental and social issues impact on the industry? 
•    Why is it important to build waste and environmental issues into the business process? 
•    What are the driving forces to respond to environmental and social issues?
DAY 2 - Legislation, and policy for action
•    What and how does legislation and global policies affect industry? 
•    What are the building blocks of a management system that controls waste and environmental issues?
DAY 3 - Tools for the assessment and interpretation of environmental and social performance 
•    What is the purpose and nature of the initial environmental review? 
•    How is an environmental management review conducted? 
•    How are significant environmental impacts of the organisations identified? 
•    How is an environmental audit carried out and how does it differ from a waste audit
DAY 4 - Managing waste and energy to improve efficiency
•    How do I keep track of changing waste management legislation and policy? 
•    What is the role of energy efficiency management and renewable energy in business management? 
•    What is the role of improved resource and waste management in achieving competitive advantage? 
•    How does the oil and gas industry addresses some of these issues
DAY 5 - Management and reporting systems
•    What are the key elements of an environmental management and reporting system? 
•    How are management systems employed to improve business efficiency, ensure compliance and respond to environmental, social and environmental challenges, and communicate these to stakeholders? 
•    What are the key elements of ISO14001? 
•    What are the structure and controls mechanisms within management systems? 
•    How are social, environmental and ethical issues communicated to stakeholders?
Target group:
•    Newly appointed managers, supervisors and team leaders 
•    New members of the management team 
•    Those managers/supervisors who have been in their position for less than a year, or are about to be promoted to their first managerial/supervisory position 
•    Health and safety or quality managers with a new portfolio of environmental, sustainable development or waste management 
•    Environmental advisors or scientists who wish to progress to management level
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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