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Electronic Archiving Skills

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This program aims at providing participants with modern informational systems concept, methodology of information technology implementation in daily office work, acknowledging the basics of keeping and archiving through modern information perspective and improving the skills necessary for implementing modern approaches of electronic archiving, security and retrieval.
Expected Accomplishments:
By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
•    Acknowledge the importance of information and documents and how to keep it
•    Define the ways of documents’ classification, its filling and retrieval
•    Establish a system of files and information along with an index including all the organization’s documents and reports
•    Familiar to phonic archiving methods 
•    Use computer systems
•    Modern approaches of managing and organizing administrative documents
•    Documents indexing and archiving description standards
•    Advantages and challenges
•    Keeping policies of electronic archives and the security of information and documents
•    Available electronic archiving systems 
•    Introduction to information systems and electronic archiving
•    Recent approaches of computer usage in electronic archive system
•    How to shift from the manual system in the archive to the electronic system
•    Organizing individuals’ information electronically 
•    Electronic communications: internet, interanet, email
•    Organizing documents and archives electronically
•    Classification methods
•    How to retrieve information easily
•    How to prepare documents after its expiring date
•    Developing information systems of keeping documents and reports
•    Documents circulation on the computer and information networks
•    Using multimedia in archiving systems
•    Protection and security of electronic information and archives
Methodology and Delivery Method:
•    Instructor Presentations (20%)
•    Workshops (30%)
•    Practice (50%)
Target Group:
•    Employees of electronic archiving and secretary whether general or private
•    Those who are concerned with electronic archiving and indexing, HR employees, administrative development and potential candidates for such positions
•    The language of instruction will be in English
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.


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