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Managing Resources Effectively

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Leaders manage resources: knowing what resources are available and using their influence to ensure that resources are used efficiently and safely, and reflect the diversity of needs.
Effective Resource Management not only impacts profitability by optimizing utilization and minimizing bench time, but when done well, can generate goodwill and loyalty that translate to competitive advantages in recruiting and retaining the best talent. 
Achieving more effective Resource Management is possible - if you take it one step at a time. This Workshop explains steps that aren't always easy to achieve, but you'll find they are worth the effort to master.
What Topics are Covered?
•    Becoming an Effective leader and being flexible with your style to adjust to different situations
•    Creating a compelling vision and promoting a healthy culture of collaboration and productivity
•    Ensure collaboration and promote an attitude of teamwork
•    Creating and Executing effective plans
•    Formulating the best strategies using available resources
•    Prioritizing  and scheduling of tasks 
•    How to Delegate; when, and to whom?
•    Identifying and managing needed resources to achieve outcomes with minimum resources being wasted
•    Leveling of resources
•    Monitoring and Evaluating techniques
•    How to plan for a Budget
•    Conflict and Crisis Management
•    Giving Feedback effectively and appraising good performance 
Day 1
Module 1 – Effective Leadership for managing resources
•    Leadership styles
•    The Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model
•    Having a powerful leadership mindset to manage and lead
Module 2 – Promoting a healthy culture within a team
•    The 5 Stages of team development
•    The causes of poor performance
•    Setting Values and expectations
•    Holding others accountable
•    Promoting Trust and teamwork
Day 2
Module 3 –The Planning Cycle
•    Setting Compelling Visions
•    Goal Setting that works through the well-formed outcomes model
•    Budget planning made easy
•    Effective planning for resources
•    Formulating strategies using the T.O.W.S matrix
•    Planning the execution phase
•    Simple Decision making techniques for effective use of resources
•    Monitoring and evaluating techniques
•    Establishing and using KPIs to evaluate effectiveness
Day 3
Module 4 – Conflict management
•    Identifying the best approaches to conflict
•    Effectively minimize conflict
•    Promote brainstorming and healthy productive conversation
•    Cooperation with others and reaching win-win solutions
•    Giving Feedback and appraising good performance
Day 4
Module 5 – Delegation
•    What to delegate and what not to delegate
•    Effective delegation techniques
•    Setting Expectations and holding others accountable
Module 6 – Managing time 
•    Prioterizing of tasks through impact and relationships
•    Effective scheduling techniques
Day 5
Module 7- Crisis Management
•    Preparing for the worse
•    Creating effective alternative plans
•    Making Decisions on the spot
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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