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Defensive Driving & First Aid

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First Part: Defensive Driving
I- Theoretical Training
•    Introduction
     •    Course Objective
     •    Accident Statistics 
     •    The Safe Trip 
     •    Safe Driving
•    Selected Real Accidents
Group discussion of selected real accidents covering contributory causes and factors of accidents
•    Driving Conditions
     •    Light         (day & night, dusk & dawn, sun glass … etc.)
     •    Weather    (rain, fog, winds, sand storms… etc.)
     •    Road         (curves, hills, slippery, railway crossing … etc.)
     •    Traffic        (rush – hours, weekday, weekend, rural, urban … etc.)
     •    Vehicle      (lights, brakes, tires, mirrors, safety belts, headrests … etc.)
     •    Driver        (attitude, fatigue, emotions, mobile phones … etc.)

•    The two – car crash accident 
     •    Collision with a vehicle ahead (following distance & stopping distance)
     •    Collision with a vehicle behind 
     •    Head – on collision (on a straight road, on a curve, while turning left)
     •    Collision at intersections
     •    The art of overtaking (passing) 

•    The one – car accident  
     •    Drivers mental & physical states
     •    Driving in rain, fog, sand storms … etc.
     •    Night driving
     •    Tire burst 
     •    Brake failure 
     •    A skid 
     •    Fire 
     •    Car plunges in water 

•    Other common collision types 
     •    Pedestrian 
     •    Bicycle  
     •    Motorcycle 
     •    Train 
     •    Fixed object 
     •    Animal
     •    Reversing
     •    Parking
     •    Downgrades

•    Accident Prevention Formula

•    Maintenance and Inspection
     •    Circle Checks
     •    Regular Checks

II- On – the – Road Commentary Drive 
On the road practical coaching session, covering the applications of defensive driving principles and individual driving assessment with coaching and giving advice

Second Part: First Aid on the Road
The First Day
Define first aid, steps followed to conduct first aid, rights and duties when
conducting first aid    

Background information
Physiology and anatomy of different biological systems, and the vital signs (pulse, respiration, temperature, blood pressure)    

Basic Life supports    
The ABC steps, Air way obstruction handling, CPR    

External hemorrhage, and internal hemorrhage    

Spinal injuries    
Dealing with spinal cord injuries     

Simple wounds and injuries    
Dealing with simple wounds; cleaning and dressing    

Practical training of the day    
General examination, Vital signs, Performing CPR.
Appling bandages for bleeding cases    

The Second Day
Orthopedic injuries    
Definition, types(head, limbs and jaw fracture), diagnosis, first aid procedures, transporting, and ways of prevention    

Definition, causes, first aid, and prevention of reoccurrence    

Types(Diabetic and others), management    

Definition, causes, diagnosis, first aid, danger signs, and ways of prevention    

Definition, causes, first aid, and prevention    

Definition, causes, classification, danger signs, first aid, and prevention 

Environmental emergencies    
Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, and exposure to cold    

Definition, causes and types, first aid, danger signs, and prevention    

Definitions, causes, first aid, and prevention    

Animal bites    
Causes, first aid, danger signs, first aid, and prevention    

Practical applications    
Handling fractured personnel, Splints,     Bandages, Heimlich maneuver, Revision for CPR    



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