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Financial Auditing and Internal Control

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This course aims to identify the basic aspects and fundamentals of financial internal auditing which is considered a part from the internal control in institutions which intends to protect their capitals and discover cheating and frauds and ends them through the auditing rules. 
•    Identifying the internal control and auditing and their objectives.
•    The relationship between internal and external auditing and the differences in between.
•    The subsystems of internal auditing (receivables, cash payables, buying & selling, assets and liabilities)
•    The inspection and evaluation tools of internal control systems and the attitude of financial auditor.
•    The fault, cheating and the methods of determining and finding out them.
•    The internal auditor role in achieving the institutions objectives.
•    Proof and objectives of the internal auditing process reports and their roles in achieving the internal control.
Target group:
1-    Financial managers and internal auditing managers in companies and corporations.
2-    Internal auditors from all levels and the responsible persons and the employees of finance departments.
3-    Business partners and auditing managers in local and international auditing offices.
4-    The employees of financial control institutions.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic/English.


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