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Integrated Strategic Planning

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Since the start of the 21st century, long term planning hasn't been a luxury anymore. All Organizations now are facing long and short term challenges that can’t be dealt with without having a solid threshold of a strategic planning displaying its vision, goals, values, and implementation.

The workshop aims at providing participant with the essential steps for having an abridged strategic plan and how to overcome the implementation problems through a 5 day workshop.

Strategic Planning Fundamentals
•    Importance of Strategic Planning
•    Strategic Planning Killers
•    Strategic Planning Phases
Analyzing Micro & Macro Environments
•    Conducting Political, Environmental, Social, & Technological Analysis
•    Identifying Core & Distinctive Competencies
•    Identifying Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats
Strategy Formulation: Setting Factors for Choosing Strategies
•    Setting Vision,
•    Values,
•    Mission & Goals.
Strategy Formulation: Identifying & Assessing Strategic Alternatives
•    Corporate vs. Functional Strategies
•    Brainstorming the different Alternatives.
•    Analyzing and evaluating the Alternatives.
•    Aligning strategies with capabilities of the organization (Conducting the TOWS Analysis).
Strategy Formulation: Planning the Implementation
•    Determining gaps between current and needed situation.
•    Establishing appropriate milestones (Objectives)
Strategy Implementation
•    Managing culture, human resources, skills, processes and structure for strategy execution
•    Establishing and maintaining communications
Strategy Evaluation & Control
•    Setting up metrics to measure performance
•    Synchronizing & Connecting skills and knowledge with needs KPIs
•    Indicating, planning and responding to change
•    Avoiding common causes of Failure
Workshop Presentations Preparation
•    Discussing and Finalizing Strategies
•    Revising the whole process.
Workshop Presentations Finalizations
•    Finalize Presentations
•    Executive Summaries
•    Presentations
•    Evaluations



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