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Management Accounting & Budgeting Skills

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By the end of this course you will be able to take an informative financial decision and be able to understand the budget definition, benefits and preparing. This workshop will include many developed spreadsheets to implement the concepts that will be discussed in it.
Decision Making & Marginal Analysis
Day 1
Cost-Volume-Profit analysis CVP “Breakeven analysis”
This session will include all practical cases that can be answered using that module. An excel sheet that developed for this module will be provided and discussed.
Day 2
Decision Making and relevant information
1.    Make or Buy
2.    Special Order
3.    Disinvestment
4.    Obsolete inventory
5.    Working under constrains
6.    Joint costs and sell or process further.
Day 3
Budget Definition and benefits
A.    Define budgets and their advantages and roles.
B.    Prepare budgets in a business
C.    Use budgets to manage and control the company
D.    Budget Types
Day 4
Budget preparation process
E.    Budgets Components:
a.    Strategic Budget.
b.    Sales Budget.
c.    Production Budget.
d.    Direct Material Budget.
e.    Direct Labor Budget.
f.     Manufacturing Overhead Budget.
g.    Cost of Goods Sold Budget.
h.    Operating Income Budget.
i.     Non-manufacturing Cost Budget.
j.     Cash Budget.
k.    Proforma Balance Sheet.
l.     Proforma Statement of Cash Flows
Day 5
Automated spreadsheets and practical cases
F.    Automated Spreadsheets:
1.    Annual Expense Budget Forecast for 5 profit centers
2.    Preparing Business Budget (Actual Vs. Budget)
3.    Cash Budget
4.    Cost Analysis with Pareto Chart
5.    Quarterly cash flow projections
6.    Quarterly Marketing Budget
7.    Sales Trend Analysis
8.    Budget Summary Report: (Actual Vs. Budget)
a.    Profit & Loss Summary
b.    Regional Sales Breakdown
c.    Expenses & Margin
d.    Balance Sheet Summary
e.    Operating Metrics Summary
f.    Competitive Summary
Target Group:
•    Managers, Members of Board Directors, High Administration and All Levels of Responsibility in accounting and finance.
•    All Administrative Staff who are Responsible of Taking Financial Decisions
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in English & Arabic.


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