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Performance Related Pay “PRP”

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PRP is as system that relates the rewards of an individual employee to the performance of the organisation that he or she works. Such systems are designed to motivate employees and to align their effort more closely with the aims of the organization.
•    Achieve both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
•    Achieve both internal and external equity
•    Achieve the win-win policy
•    Better Work Effectiveness
•    Rewarding only the good
•    Linking company objectives to individual one
•    Define processes, sequence and interactions.
•    Types of processes (core, support and mandatory).
•    Define authorities, inputs, outputs of each process.
•    Overcoming the vision barrier through the translation of strategy
•    How to cascading the KPI to overcome the people barrier.
•    Why we measure the performance?
•    How to determine the check points for each process?
•    How to determine the needed control for each process and the measurement acceptance criteria?
•    How to determine the needed objectives for each process?
•    How to determine the customer of a process?
•    How to identify the needed resources and information to support the processes?
•    How to monitor, analyze and measure the process?
•    The 10 mistakes managers do when managing employees 
•    Definition of compensation and benefits
•    Equal Employment opportunities
•    Internal Equity
•    External Equity
•    Different compensation strategy
•    Pay survey
•    Job Analysis
•    Definition  and structure Compensable factors
•    Job Evaluation preparation
•    Job evaluation – Ranking methods
•    Job evaluation – Factor comparison
•    Job evaluation – Point method
•    Hay structure
•    Job grading
•    Salary grade
•    Salary range
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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