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Quality Assurance

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Participants will be trained to gain:
•    An understanding of the basic quality concepts.
•    The ability to use quality tools for data analysis.
•    Knowledge of alternative quality measures.
•    The ability to use quality measurement and control tools.
•    The ability to identify quality improvement opportunities.
•    Knowledge of quality assurance and management systems.
•    The ability to assess the process capability.
•    Knowledge of the basics of total quality management and its implementation.
•    Knowledge of the basics of quality engineering.
•    The ability to develop an integrated plan to improve quality and create the required awareness for its success.
•    Basic quality concepts
•    Quality costs and productivity
•    Quality measurement
•    Quality Tools I
Quantitative data analysis
Run charts
Scatter Diagrams
Pareto charts
Cause-and-Effect Diagrams
•    Sampling plans
•    Quality assurance
•    The ISO 9000:2000 model for quality assurance and management
•    Documentation and auditing
•    Total quality management
•    The 6 model for implementing total quality management
•    Quality Tools II
Determining process capability
Control charts
Introduction to design of experiments
Target group
Quality and production specialists and process supervisors.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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