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Ship Solid Waste Management

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Help the interested and involved parties in understanding the full dimensions of ship solid waste management, its cycle, its levels that have to be addressed every time we conduct a study on Solid Waste Recycling, its relationship with the other services and utilities in the community.
1- General Introduction to SWM:
•    Typical Waste Management Cycle
•    Main Levels which Govern SWM
2- Characteristics of Civil Ports:
•    Security
•    Diversity of Ports (Passengers/Cargo, Oil, Fishing)
•    Diversity of Stakeholders and their Interest
•    Work Load/Expansion/Division
•    Networking and Management
3- The Social Issues:
Main Stakeholders and the Role of each one of them:
•    Ship Lines (Marine) Agents
•    Waste Dealers
•    Port Security
•    Intelligence
•    Customs 
•    Port Management
•    Public Servants (Offices)
•    Quarantines (Veterinary , Agricultural, Health) 
•    Marine Cargos
•    Utilities, Engineering and Maintenance
•    Storage Yards
4- The Legal Dimension National, and International Measures / Regulations:
•    National Laws and Regulations
•    International Marine Laws and Regulations (MARPOL)
5- The Technical Expertise and Contracting procedures:
•    Different Alternatives
•    Contract Preparation (Overall Management/Cleansing)
6- Organizational Structure and Monitoring of Service:
•    Diversity of Waste Collectors
•    Establishment and system of Waste Collection Services Monitoring Unit (CMU)
7- The Environmental/Security Factors of Service Delivery:
•    Provision of Environmental Measures
•    Security Measures Required for Service Delivery
8- The Financial Factor:
•    Cost of Service Vis a vi Quality of Service
•    Different Alternatives for Cost Reduction 
9- Case Studies:
•    Port of Alexandria
•    Sample of International Ports
10- Conclusion and Discussion


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