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Sky Marshals

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This course is directed to security guards on planes board or to the stewards in case of security absence. This course aims to raise the qualifications and abilities of sky marshals to maneuver, to use weapons on board and to identify danger. 
•    Understand what to do in case of sudden attack
•    How to deal with the threat on board
•    Where to sit on board and what to do
•    How to use your weapon on board
•    What to do in case of bomb threat 
•    Brief about international terrorism 
•    Motives of international terrorism to kidnap and explode planes
•    Cooper Theory to raise readiness
•    Priority of dealing with targets (theoretical and practical)
•    Right position to sit in the plane (theoretical and practical)
•    Permanent instructions for security before and during flight
•    Errors of shooting (practical)
•    Moving inside plane (available covering)
•    Fixing passengers' positions after accidents (practical)
•    First aid in case of shot injury on board (practical)
•    Returning weapon (practical)
•    Arresting and inspecting on board (practical)

Duration / Venue / Conditions / Tools:
Each seminar:
(1)    Seminar will be from 09:00 to 03:00
(2)    Will last for two days with a total of 12 hours
(3)    Will be conducted in client’s premises.
(4)    Will have a maximum of 15 participants
(5)    Will be conducted in Arabic / English language


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