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Supply Chain Management

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Profit maximization is the ultimate end of doing business in private sector; profit happens when an organization manages to increase revenue and decrease the cost of operation that’s why managing the product flow from the upstream (suppliers) to the downstream (customers) in a cost effective way in order to meet the customers’ expectation is considered of the determining factors of achieving the highest possible profitability because it affects the two components of profitability (revenue and cost reduction). In addition, proper supply chain management could help an organization gain a sustainable competitive advantage over competition which could play a significant role in achieving organizational business objectives.
This “Supply Chain Management Training” should enable the attendees to:
•    Understand the role of supply chain inside an organization and how it contributes to its success.
•    Distinguish between supply chain management and logistics management.
•    Understand how supply chain management could contribute to have sustainable competitive advantage for an organization.
•    Understand the role of supply chain management in profit maximization.
•    Learn about modern tools and techniques for proper supply planning system in order to maintain sufficient stocks from items needed to sustain the operation while keeping the cost of inventory at the lowest possible level.  
•    Identify the role of purchasing and how to compare between different alternatives.
•    Have clear idea about port handling and inbound logistics processes.
•    Understand the role of warehousing operation and how to manage warehouse facilities in efficient manner.
•    Learn how to manage the outbound logistics operation in a way ensures errorless, damage free, and on time product delivery to customers with minimum possible cost.
•    Understand the major supply chain drivers and how they affect supply chain network design.
•    Learn how to create and communicate cost saving initiatives.
•    Have clear idea about lean operation and how it could be achieved.
•    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
•    Identify supply chain operation key performance indicators (KPI’s) and how to monitor them. 
Supply Chain Management
1. What is Supply Chain?    
1.1 What is supply chain?    
1.2 Supply chain vs. logistics    
1.3. Evolution of supply chain    
1.4 Contribution of supply chain to the company’s competitive strategy    
1.5 Role of supply chain in increasing profitability
2. Supply Chain Elements.    
2.1 Supply planning       
2.2 Purchasing    
2.3 Inbound logistics    
2.4 Warehousing    
2.5 Outbound logistics    
3. Supply Chain Drivers & Design.
3.1 Major supply chain drivers (efficiency and responsiveness)    
3.2 Impact of supply chain drivers on supply chain network design    
3.3 Relationship between supply chain network and cost of operation
4. Lean Operation.    
4.1 What is lean operation     
4.2 Sources of waste in supply chain operation    
4.3 How to achieve lean operation
5. General Tips to Improve Supply Chain Operation.
5.1 Process &documents mapping    
5.2 Standard operating procedures (SOPs)    
5.3 Process optimization workshop    
5.4 Key performance indicators (KPIs)  
Target Group:
•    This interactive training course is intended for the professionals, managers & directors who are involved in managing the supply chain function.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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