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Technical Bids and Tendering

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Store management is the management of business unit containing the storage, packaging, distribution and sales of goods. These goods can be anything from raw materials to finished products.  Goods like vegetables, clothes, shoes, medicines, electronics goods or any other products which need to be stored and managed appropriately. 
Learn the key phases and elements that make up technical bids and tendering, focused towards project based environments
•    The Tendering Process
  • Preparation
  • Bid Evaluation 
  • Awards
•    Bid Preparation and Issue
  • Understand how to review the tender documents to check for a full appreciation of requirements 
  • Gain an understanding of bid planning and an introduction to the case study 
  • Plan the response to the Invitation To Tender (ITT) 
  • Identify characteristics of the bid response in terms of innovation and creativity 
  • Establish quality assurance for the tender process 
  • Prepare the bid summary 
  • Prepare and endorse the existing bid plan and then prepare the bid in draft 
•    Evaluate Tenders
  • Conduct preliminary internal checks for Quality and Compliance 
  • Check on structure, literacy and numeracy in the bid and compliance with the ITT 
  • Clarifications with legal, commercial, technical, business development and other internal functional groups 
  • Consequences of adversarial behavior when win-win may be needed for new and existing clients
  • Contracts
Contract Terminology
A. Definition
B. The Parties to The Contract
C. The "Creatures" Of The Contract
D. Selecting payment method and Types of Contract
    A. Classification According To     Contract Price
    B. Classification According To     Nature of Works
    C. Classification According To     Scope of Works
    D. Classification by Method of     Evaluating   Contract Price
    E. Other Types of Contracts
  • Generic issues and company estimating processes and manuals 
  • Financial considerations - profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flow 
  • The price versus the estimate 
  • A brief resume of risk assessment process
Target Group:
Procurement Officers I, Engineers Purchase Inspection.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in English / Arabic.


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