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The 7 Basic Quality Tools

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This  topic  actually  contains  an  assortment  of  tools,  some  developed  by  quality  engineers,  and some adapted from other applications.  They provide the means for making quality management decisions based on facts.  No particular tool is mandatory; any one may be helpful, depending on circumstances. A number of software programs are available as aids to the application of some of these tools.
Kaoru Ishikawa contends that 95% of a company's problems can be solved using these seven tools.  The tools are designed for simplicity.
Day 1: 
•    Introduction to Team Dynamics
•    Terms and Definitions
•    Data Collection
Tool # 1: Check Sheet
•    Production process distribution checks 
•    Defective item checks 
•    Defect location checks 
•    Defective cause checks 
•    Check Sheets Examples
Tool #2: Pareto Diagram
•    Rule of 80/20
•    How To Make Pareto Diagram
•    Pareto Examples
 Day 2: 
Tool #3: Histogram
•    Data Center and Spread
•    Types of Data ( Normal / Skewness )
•    How to Make Histogram
•    Examples of Histograms
Tool #4: Cause and Effect Diagram
•    Sources Of  Variation
•    Creating A Cause And Effect Diagram
•    How to Make A Cause And Effect Diagram
•    Examples Of Cause And Effect Diagrams
 Tool #5: Scatter Diagram
•    Relationship Between Paired Data
•    How to Make A Scatter Diagram
•    Examples Of Scatter Diagrams
Day 3:
 Tool #6: Control Charts
•    Control Charts for Variable Data
•    Control Charts for Attribute Data
•    Examples Of Control Charts
Tool #7: Flow Charts
•    Types Of Flow Charts
•    How to Make A Flow Charts
•    Examples Of Flow Charts
Target group:
This course is designed for production and quality managers, Quality Engineers , supervisors and any possible member of Improvements or analysis projects In general, organizations at any level.
A bachelor degree in business or engineering is required for participating in this course.
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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