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Warehouse Management System

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Managing warehousing activities in a way ensures availability of materials needed to sustain the company's operation while keeping the cost of inventory at the lowest possible level is considered of the determining factors for achieving highest possible profitability for organizations of different industries. Proper understanding for the role of warehousing department and how it interacts with other departments inside a company in addition to having clear idea about the modern techniques in managing warehouse facilities is mandatory for achieving the operational excellence that could contribute significantly to the company's success in terms of profit maximization and meeting the customer's expectations.  
This “Warehouse Management Training” should enable the attendees to: 
•    Understand the role of warehouse management as part of logistics and supply chain functions.
•    Understand how warehouse department interacts with other departments inside a company. 
•    Learn how warehouse management contributes to achieving highest possible profitability. 
•    Learn about modern tools and techniques for proper stock replenishment system in order to maintain sufficient stocks from items needed to sustain the operation while keeping the cost of inventory at the lowest possible level. 
•    Learn how to create and interpret product coding system.
•    Understand the role of warehousing operation and how to manage warehouse facilities (storage areas, products, and equipment) in efficient manner. 
•    Identify warehouse operation key performance indicators (KPI’s) and how to monitor them. 
•    Learn about how to create safe and convenient work environment inside warehouse.
•    Understand how to develop and implement controls inside the warehouse to minimize the room for fraud activities and to ensure that actual stocks are matching with warehouse records.
•    Have clear idea about the processes of receiving products in the warehouse and releasing them to the requester.
•    Learn how to create and fill different warehouse forms.
•    Have clear idea about warehouse operation Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and how to monitor them.
1. What is warehouse management?
1.1 What is warehouse management?    
1.2 Warehouse management as part of logistics function    
1.3 Warehouse management as part of supply chain function    
1.4 Role of warehouse management in sustaining the company's operation and achieving highest profitability  
2. Stock replenishment & stock health assessment
2.1 Role of stock replenishment in sustaining the operation    
2.2 Monitoring and reporting stock levels    
2.3 Factors to be considered while ordering new stocks    
2.4 Monitoring & reporting slow moving and dead stocks    
2.5 How to calculate inventory turnover     
2.6 How to create product coding system
3. Warehouse physical management    
3.1Managing warehouse storage area    
3.2 Warehouse universal floor marking code    
3.3 Space utilization maximization techniques (vertical and horizontal)    
3.4 Storing products inside warehouse according to their movement     
3.5 Storing products according to their order of receiving in the warehouse (FIFO & LIFO)    
3.6 Storing products according to their storage conditions    
3.7 Different types of fire extinguishers & their usages    
3.8 How to inspect & use fire extinguishers    
3.9 Different types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and their usage    
3.10 Warehouse auditing    
3.11 Return On Investment (ROI)    
3.12 Retain or replace equipment    
4. Warehouse controls
4.1 Conflict of interest and segregation of duties    
4.2 Receiving & inspecting products in the warehouse
4.3 Releasing products from the warehouse    
4.4 Controls to minimize the room for fraud activities    
4.5 Conducting physical stocktaking     
4.6 Warehouse management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  
Target group:
•    This interactive training course is intended for the warehouse supervisors, officers and foremen. 
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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