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WOW Customer Experience

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Module One Core Customer Service:
•    Introduction to effective customer service
•    The 5 components of effective customer service (The CS pyramid of core skills)
•    What do our customers really need? (Building trust and empathy by relating to psychological needs)
•    The Refined Maslow model of customer expectations; How to satisfy, delight, and create customer loyalty)
•    Aligning the organizational vision and mission with customer expectations (pacing experience and leading responses)
•    Finding and utilizing your Allies; enhancing customer experience and using good relationships to build potential profitable client networks
•    Relationship management made easy
•    State management 101; how your state affects the customer
•    Building robust self-confidence and an unshakable self-image; the  importance of having a positive self-image when it comes to dealing with customers
•    Projecting your confidence with a friendly attitude; The role of Assertive communication in guiding your customer to making good decisions
•    The factors that make up customer loyalty 
•    Becoming a consultant to your client
•    Turning clients into your advocate; 3 proven techniques to building customer loyalty
Module Two Core Customer Service
•    It is not what you say, it’s how you say it; non-verbal communication strategies for building rapport and credibility
•    Unmasking the face: Going beyond body language; reading and using facial gestures (FACS model)
•    The 3 levels of verbal intonation; always sound friendly and professional
•    Shape Talk; a simple tool for profiling customer personalities into 4 types
•    Building rapport beyond using body language; Pacing and leading experience, matching values and beliefs
•    Building Rapport using engaged conversations 
•    The 5 steps model to customer service excellence
•    Step1: The walk of Grace; creating positive memorable first impressions (Aligning Verbal and non-verbal communication – Being presentable)
•    Step 2: Needs analysis (identifying needs by using powerful questioning techniques – The NLP Precision model of questioning, The Meta-States model of uncovering meaning and experience)
Module Three Core Customer Service:
•    Do customers really need the same thing; Differentiating needs and wants
•    Step 3: Customizing solutions by uncovering the customers buying criteria and motivating them to making a buying decision.
•    Step4: Confirming Satisfaction and close; Uncovering hidden objections – Creating a safe psychological place for the customer to express their concerns)
•    Step 5: Follow up on commitments; what happens after the sale? (Client retention by using 4 easy relationship management techniques)
•    Dealing with tough customers; Separating the individual from their response (NLP Logical levels model)
•    Working with upset customers? Never worry about that again: 4 steps using the H.E.A.T technique for dealing with upset customers.
•    The 5 common types of upset customers and how to effectively manage their behaviors
•    Just one more thing; Going beyond what the customer expects; Revisiting the Customer service Maslow pyramid and aiming for the top (Creating a memorable WOW impression, every time!)
•    Simple things that really create a lasting memory.

•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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