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FIDIC Claims Workshop

FIDIC Claims Workshop


“The Management of Contract Claims and the Resolution of Disputes”
Under the 1999 FIDIC Contracts and Multilateral Development Banks’Harmonised Construction Contract 2010

With all FIDIC contracts there will be claims. This training course is designed to provide practical assis-tance to those working with the New FIDIC Contract Conditions (1999 Edidtions) in the management of claims and achieving resolution to claims and in particular the workings of the Dispute Adjudication Board.

Bullet Points

    It is applicable to all the Parties involved within a New FIDIC Contract – the Employer, the Contractor, the Engineer, and the DAB Members. By having a professional understanding of the responsibilities and rights of the Parties under a New FIDIC Contract and the procedures to manage claims, the resolution of claims will be achieved more successfully.The World Bank and the IFI’s also require a Dispute Board on the same basis as the FIDIC Contract as detailed in the “MDB’s Harmonised Construction Contract”. The principal tutor of the course is a very experienced British engineer, who has extensive involvement with FIDIC claims, disputes, adjudication, and arbitration procedures throughout the world.

Event Speakers

Marcus Theil - Dipl.- Ing. C.Eng.
is an Austrian Chartered Civil Engineer and has worked as a consultant in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The tutor is provided by ECV Consultancy Ltd (ECV) in association with FIDIC.

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