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Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)‎

SETTEC help both the investor and host countries to have CDM ‎ and benefit by contributing to sustainable development in the host developing countries and by allowing investor countries to meet their GHG reduction targets at the lowest possible cost by taking advantage of the lower marginal cost of reducing GHG emissions in developing countries. It is the sole prerogative of the host country to confirm whether the project contributes to its sustainable development. 
Our Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)‎ as a global project must have the following:

  • CDM projects must be voluntary, and must have the host country's approval; 
  • CDM projects ‎ must meet the ‎sustainable development goals defined by the host country; 
  • CDM projects ‎ must reduce Greenhouse gases ‎‎(GHG) emissions above and beyond "business as usual";  
  • CDM projects ‎ must account for GHG emissions ‎that occur outside the project boundary that are attributable to the project; 
  • CDM projects must include the ‎participation of stakeholders; 
  • CDM projects ‎ must not contribute to environmental decline; 
  • CDM projects ‎ must not ‎divert from official development assistance (ODA); 
  • CDM projects ‎ are limited to strict physical boundaries ‎within which GHG emissions will be reduced or sequestered. 



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