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Compliance Registry

SETTEC help participants track environmental projects and issue, transact and retire serialized ‎credits the Environmental Registry. The Registry provides infrastructure that increases transparency, efficiency and scalability within global environmental markets.
SETTEC through the Registry supports both project developers looking to list credits and potential buyers sourcing projects. We enable users to manage environmental projects, credit issuances, transfers and retirements. Also provide publicly viewable documentation and holdings, and all project and listing documentations are reviewed to ensure compliance with relevant environmental market standards.The compliance registry is evidence that the company abides by the rules and regulations. The compliance registry is especially adjusted to the respective companies and has to be updated in regular intervals so that there is an overview regarding which rules and regulations apply to the company. We would gladly support you in creating, reviewing, or updating your compliance registry.
Our Environmental registry and relevant measurements Services:

  • Request for Information (RFI);
  • Pending Issuance Unit (PIU);
  • Transparency and efficiency;
  • Trust and confidence;
  • Flexibility and scalability;
  • Maximum participation;




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