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Environmental Due Diligence

SETTEC's environmental due diligence team is expert at assessing and communicating environmental risks so that business managers can make sound decisions and manage or avoid environmental liabilities. 

Assessments are designed to meet the client’s needs, ranging from due diligence for real estate management and transactions to ensuring compliance with local environmental regulations. 

Due diligence services are performed in accordance with the appropriate ASTM Standards and other industry specific guidance and regulations.

Our Environmental Due Diligence ‎Services:

  • Acquisition phase
    • Due diligence includes legal restrictions, contractual risks, tax advice, technical aspects and environmental risks. 
    • Guide investors through negotiation with relevant stakeholders.
  • Development & planning phase
    • Contact with governmental bodies for required permissions is required. 
    • Building phase once.
  • Maintenance phase
    • Manage all relevant permits and update them when necessary.


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