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Environmental Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting

SETTEC’s design solutions and advice to help  clients understand and manage their risks regarding Environmental, Health, Safety, Sustainability, Social and Governance (EHS&S/ ESG) during acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, or debt financing. We help you thoroughly characterize, manage, and mitigate the risks with creative solutions so you can plan for a successful transition during your M&A integration process. Our capability to screen targets for intangible value and potential value creation within the context of a transaction provides our clients with an entirely new perspective when thinking about mitigating or offsetting traditional EHS&S/ ESG risks.
Our Environmental Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Services:

  • Investment thesis consultation and advising;
  • global Ehs due diligence;  
  • post-merger and acquisition integration planning, services, and support;
  • on-going EHS and sustainability value creation;
  • divestiture planning;


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