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Site Impact Assessment

SETTEC help investment, development and divestment ‎ in robust assessment of land quality because it is essential to inform and where necessary, identify appropriate remediation options and pollution prevention and control measures. The objective of a LQA is therefore, to quantify the contaminated land risks and the associated liability (health, environmental, legal and financial) in a logical and rational manner achieving both economy in the expenditure of resources and confidence in the end result in the process, such that the LQA provides the basis for defensible and auditable decision making. SETTEC meet statutory ‎requirements of planning controls and the environmental protection legislation to ‎ensure land is suitable for use and substances present do not pose an‎unacceptable risk to humans or the wider environment.  ‎
Our Site Impact Assessment (SIA Tiers I, II, III) Service:

  • Tier I (Risk Assessment)
  • Tier II (Option Appraisal)
  • Tier III (Implementation of Remediation Strategy)


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