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Car Mechanics

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Having said that, we must point out that the this course is not intended for professional car mechanics and by no means will make any ordinary car user a professional car mechanic, but will rather provide an average car user with all necessary mechanical knowledge to better understand his/her vehicle and to better operate it safely and securely and to save a lot of wasted money on unnecessary repairs.


1- Power Terrain Components:

Engine: How it works – Horse power – Torque – Engine Volume – Number of cylinders.
Transmission: How it works – Manual transmission – Automatic transmission.
Drive Shaft – Differential - Wheel assembly 

2- Drive Systems:

Front wheel drives – Rear wheel drives – All wheel drives – 4x4 wheel drives.

3- Under the Hood:

Battery - Starter – Alternator – Radiator – Belts – Fan – Air condition

4- Before a long trip:

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5- Tips


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