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Installations Security

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This course is dedicated to security guards responsible for entrances, exits and parking areas of installation and also to administrative staff who deal with mail and parcels, aiming to increase their readiness and awareness and to handle any emergency case.
•    Raise security awareness
•    How to search cars, bags and buildings
•    How to recognize mail bombs
•    How to deal with a bomb once it is deducted
•    How to deal with bombs
•    Working of security circuits in installations
•    How to identify terrorists
•    Types of inspection (persons – cars – bags – rooms)
•    How to prepare gates and fences 
•    Measures of insuring installations 
•    Security installations sections
•    Dangers faced by the installation
•    The relation between individuals security and installation security
•    The relation between information security and installation security
•    Documents security, grade of confidentiality and how to describe it
•    What would you do in case of:
     •    Building collapse while you are in
     •    Building fire while you are in
     •    Notification of the presence of exploding or suspicious parcel 
•    Cars bombs and how to identify them
Duration / Venue / Conditions / Tools:
Each course:
(1)    Course will be from 09:00 to 03:00
(2)    Will last for five days with a total of 30 hours
(3)    Will be conducted in client’s premises.
(4)    Will have a maximum of 15 participants
(5)    Will be conducted in Arabic / English language 


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