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VIP Protection & Planning

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This forty hour program is objecting to provide the attendees with an understanding of how to prevent and lessen the likelihood of a criminal or terrorist attack against those they provide protective services to. Sophisticated criminal or terrorist attacks are always difficult to detect or predict. In reality, quite often these acts of terrorism or criminal activity are well planned. They are more often carried out by intelligent, calculating individuals.
•    Becoming familiar with how the terrorists select their targets
•    How they plan and prepare for their attacks
•    What is expected from the guards (attendees) to protect their client
•    Increasing the security awareness
•    Recognizing surveillance and how to escape from it
Day 1:
•    Introduction/goals
•    Define terrorism
•    Types of terrorist groups, organizational techniques and structure
•    Causes and motivation of assassination 
•    Determining the threat
•    Kidnapping prevention and hostage survival
•    Principles of protection
•    Stockholm syndrome
•    Steps of executing terrorist actions 
Day 2:
•    How to select guards
•    Guarding problems
•    Bombs
•    Bombs threat and how to deal with it
•    Cooper Theory for raising the mental and corporal readiness
•    Weapons used in assassinations 
Day 3:
•    Types of surveillance
•    Discovering surveillance
•    Analysis of routes
•    Inspection
•    Observing and describing (places – cars – persons) 
Day 4:
•    Security circuits
•    Guarding formation
•    Distributing roles during guarding
•    Duties and responsibilities
Day 5:
•    Security introductions (internal and external)
•    Communications
•    Important warnings to the VIP in case of moving without guards
•    Priorities of dealing with targets


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