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Conflict and Negotiation Skills

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This course seeks to assist the attendees to better comprehend conflict, how to resolve it and seek to aim for negotiation utilize.

Day One:
•    Conflict and Conflict Management Defined
•    Transitions in Conflict Thought
•    Guiding Principles
•    Types of Conflict
•    Positive vs. Negative (Functional vs. Dysfunctional) Conflict
•    The 5-Stage Conflict Process
•    Dimensions Of Conflict- Handling Intentions
Day Two:
•    Outcomes of Conflict and their Effect in the Workplace
•    Nine Strategic Approaches to Conflict Management
•    Enriched Problem Solving & Conflict Management
•    Coping Strategies
•    Conflict Role Plays
Day Three:
•    Differences in Values, Attitude and Perception
•    Personality Types & Conflict
•    Levels of Conflict
•    Making Differences Creative
•    Conflict Role Plays
Day Four:
•    What is Negotiation
•    Types of Negotiation
•    Stages of Negotiation
•    Methods of Negotiation
•    BATNA
•    Managing Conflict through Negotiation
•    Tips for Successful Negotiation
•    Profile of an Effective Negotiator
Day Five:
•    Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation and Arbitration
•    Cultural Differences in Negotiation
•    Gender Differences in Negotiation
•    Third Party Negotiation
•    Gain some interpersonal behaviors
•    Negotiation Role Plays
•    Power Point Presentation
•    Exercises/Business Games/Case Studies
•    Role Plays
•    Fun and Success

Target Group:
•    Executives, Supervisors & Managers
•    Sales & Marketing employees
•    Anyone who desires to gain a positive advantage in dealing with challenging situations

•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction should be in Arabic / English.


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