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Negotiating with Power

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Although people often think of boardrooms, suits, and million dollar deals when they hear the word "negotiation," the truth is that we negotiate all the time – with our family, friends, colleagues and manager, as well as with our clients and suppliers. This course will give you an understanding of the phases of negotiation, tools to use during a negotiation, and ways to find win-win solutions.
Day One:
Module 1 (Understanding Negotiations )
•    Types of Negotiations
•    The 4 Phases of Negotiation
•    Skills for Successful Negotiating
•    Getting Prepared
•    Interest Based Negotiations
•    Getting to yes (Principled based Negotiations)
Module 2 (Laying the Groundwork)
•    How to Easily prepare for a negotiation
•    The 2 Axis of Negotiation (Relationship Vs. Outcome
•    Develop Powerful BATNAs 
•    Identify your WAP, ZOPA
•    Identify which of the 5 styles of negotiation is best to use
•    Identify and test you points of leverage and power

Day Two:
Module 3 (The Negotiation Game)
•    Develop an Information based Bargaining Plan
•    Identifying the other parties Tactics and strategies
•    Identifying the Decision Makers
•    Who to attend? How to best seat your team?
•    Exchange of information (What to keep and what to share)
•    Precision Questioning techniques
•    Signaling leverage and testing expectations
•    How to open and concede effectively
•    Presenting your offer persuasively
•    When and how to close!

Day Three:
Module 4 (Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations)
•    What is Emotional Intelligence?
•    The Pillars of Emotional Intelligence
•    Four Skills in Emotional Intelligence
•    Recognizing Body Language to Your Advantage
•    Using Non-Verbal Signs to Guide and Persuade
•    The Power of Reading the Meaning of Facial Expressions
Module 5 (Dealing With Tough Situations)
•    Techniques for Over-coming Rejection and Getting Past Disagreements
•    Negotiating Outside the Boardroom
•    Negotiating on Behalf of Someone Else
•    10 Ways to deal with objections
•    How to effectively deal with hardball and pressure tactics

What Will Participants Learn?
•    Identify the types & phases of negotiations and skills for successful negotiation
•    Learn how Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can give you an edge in negotiations
•    Analyze your personal strengths & weaknesses in Emotional Intelligence
•    Explore ways to lay the groundwork for negotiation
•    Identify what information to share and what to keep to yourself
•    Understand the dos and don'ts of great negotiation techniques in business
•    Learn techniques for staying focused and managing your emotions
•    Develop strategies to find mutual gain, reach consensus and terms of agreement
•    Gain powerful non-verbal awareness to understand and use body language to recognize buying signals and overcome objections
•    Learn how to manage disagreements and negotiate in difficult situations
•    Use information as your greatest weapon in negotiations
•    Exhibit self-confidence and a positive attitude in negotiations
•    Anticipate what to expect and prepare for your bargaining
•    Manage the negotiation process and break a deadlock
•    Use non-verbal signals and body language to lead your bargaining partner to a win-win  outcome
•    Manage yourself and stay focused to achieve efficient negotiations
•    Master bargaining techniques and negotiate on behalf of someone else
Models coverd:
•    Fisher and Ury Principled negotiation model
•    Shell and Richard 4 phase negotiations model
•    Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence model
•    Thomas/Kilmann 5 styles of negotiations model (Adjusted)
•    Albert Mehrabian Nonverbal Communication Model
•    Paul Ekman FACS model
•    NLP Precision model for questioning
•    NLP Rapport model
•    NLP Representational Systems model
•    Robert Cialdini 6 principles of persuasion
•    NLP Reframing Model

•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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