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Supervisory Development

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Day One: Unleashing The Leader Within!

•    Making the transition from employee to supervisor
•    Introduction and Benefits of Self-Management at Work
•    Self-Awareness
•    Values
•    Self-Motivation –Self Determination Theory-
•    Self Confidence and Self Esteem
•    Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
•    Personal Goals

The Basics (Planning, Organizing Scheduling)

•    Types of Plans
•    Goals
•    Prioritizing tasks
•    Scheduling
•    Formulating Plans
•    Formulating Strategies
•    Scheduling

Delegation Skills

•    Delegation and giving Clear instructions
•    Setting Expectations

Day Two: Exceptional Communication Skills

Situational Leadership

•    Types of Delegates
•    Needs of Delegates
•    Improving Delegate performance
•    Flexibility in using styles

Personality Types

•    The Ned-Herman whole brain model Personality Types and How to Communicate with Each Type

Body Language and Rapport

•    Identifying Positive and Negative Body Language Gestures
•    Using good Body Language in your communication
•    Developing Rapport with others easily
•    Making Good First Impressions
•    Learning Styles (VAK)
•    Value Based Communication

Assertiveness Communication

•    Principles of Assertive Communication
•    How to Communicate assertively without offending
•    How to Say NO without offending
•    Healthy and Unhealthy behaviors in communication
Day Three: Optimizing Team Performance

Handling Conflict (Individual and Teams)

•    Cog’s Ladder 5 stages for accelerating co-operation and optimizing performance in teams
•    Conflict communication Styles
•    Precision Questioning
•    Active Listening
•    Gaining Agreement (Hierarchy of Ideas)    
•    Communication Differences without offending (Agreement Frame)
Coaching Tools for Supervisors
•    Identifying Causes of Poor performance and managing them
•    G.R.O.W model for coaching
•    Giving Constructive Feedback
Change Management made Easy
•    Distinguishing between change and transition, and how people react to change
•    Change shocks and the theory of adaptability
•    Building awareness of the importance of change within organization
•    Managing fear of change, and how to minimize the transition of change
•    Developing a favorable mindset towards change
•    Motivating self and others to change
•    How to create and communicate an effective change plan
•    Execution of change plans with confidence and motivation


•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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