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Personal Effectiveness

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Learning Objectives:
•    Building awareness of how participants can enhance their potential by developing plans for personal growth and development
•    Developing their own personal action development plans and aligning them with organizational objective
•    Understand the importance of having a positive and empowering self-image and how to manage unproductive attitudes and behaviors
•    Boosting self-esteem and self-confidence levels
•    Engage in the best practices of time management techniques to minimize time wasted on unproductive activities and behaviors
•    How to effectively prepare and manage productive meetings
•    How to manage unhealthy conflict and transform differences of opinions to innovative ideas
•    Effectively identify root causes of problems, create several options and select the best options available
•    Develop exceptional communication skills to enhance customer experiencing by effectively analyzing needs, building truth, empathy and create long term profitable relationships
•    How to guide the customer to making the best possible decision to ensure high levels of satisfaction
•    How to use non-verbal communication strategies 
•    Easily identify and tackle customer objections and concerns
•    Effectively handle difficult customer behaviors and upset customers
Module One Maximizing your potential:
•    Personal Growth Explained; Its importance and how it fits the organizational Strategy
•    The importance of adopting a flexible mindset towards change in today’s fast paced industry; the personal and organizational consequences of not doing so (Real Life corporate examples of failure to adapt to change)
•    How to Align  Individual objectives with the organizational objectives and strategy
•    The personal Responsibility PRO model
•    Developing Robust attitudes by setting high intentions and aligning personal values with organizational values
•    How to program your mind to manage negative attitudes and emotions (Meta-states Model)
•    Building an empowered mind set towards learning and development
•    The 5 facets of the Self and building a positive self-image with an outlook towards success
•    How beliefs influence behaviors; Self-discovery to flush out toxic beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones
•    Goal Setting that works; How to formulate Well-formed outcomes and align them with intention and values for enhancing self-motivation
•    Conflict of interests; When personal goals do not match organizational goals
•    Planning your route towards success; Developing a personal Development action plan for growth using the G.R.O.W model (The roadmap).
Module 2 Optimizing your Time:
•    Where does all the time go?
•    What time management really is
•    The psychology of how our mind relate to time; Introduction to Timelines (In-time mindsets, through time mindsets) When would it be best to use each.
•    How the past choices influence our future decision (Timelines revisited)
•    Common Mistakes of time management
•    Personal Productivity and time management
•    The time bandits; Identifying them and dealing with them
•    Setting Priorities using the Urgent/Importance Matrix
•    The P.A.T approach to managing meeting effectively
•    What to do before meetings? How to prepare
•    4-matting meetings and setting ground rules
•    The meeting is over, what are the next steps?
•    The Truth about Multi-Tasking; is it really useful? (common myths busted)
•    Creating the balance (Efficiency Vs. Effectiveness Matrix)
•    The six practical steps to effective problem solving
•    Clearly defining the problem (Symptoms Vs. Causes)
•    3 Easy techniques to creating innovative solutions
•    Selecting the best solution
Module 3 Fundamentals of communication:
•    Introduction to the NLP communication models; Identifying barriers and filters to effective communication
•    An Introduction to T.A. (Transactional analysis) model of communication for clear communication
•    How to read and use body language for excellent communication
•    How to build rapport using body language for building effective relationships
•    Empathy, Sympathy, and apathy.
•    The 3 hidden secrets about empathy.
•    Reading and communicating with others easily; Carl Jung personality types model. 
•    Win-Win Communication; Assertive communication for reaching desirable outcomes with others
•    Easily manage conflict using 3 easy tools (Situational analysis, Agreement frames, Chunking) without offending.
•    How to focus on reaching Win-Win outcomes in times of conflict (The 5 styles of handling conflict)
•    Utilizing the communication technique to building lasting relationships 
•    Cultural barriers, are they really barriers? Utilizing cultural differences to reinforce and build stronger relationships
•    The 7 barriers to creating good working relationship
•    The materials for the trainees will be in English.
•    The language of instruction will be in Arabic / English.


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